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Did your hard drive or laptop crash or become defective? You may be thinking that you’ve lost all of your important files and documents but luckily The Data Recovery possess the resources to recover any type of data from any kind of computer, laptop or hard drive. We provide expert data recovery services inside Class 100 Clean Rooms and we’re also one of the only data recovery companies to offer free diagnoses and quotes. Simply give one of our data recovery engineers a phone call at 844-223-7243 to begin the recovery process to your hard drive.

How Does the Data Recovery Process Work

Instead of simply viewing your data recovery procedure as more cash in our pockets, we actually realize what it feels like to lose data. When you initially bring your computer to our data recovery center, we will provide a free assessment while carefully inspecting your computer to determine what needs to be completed. Upon completing the consultation, we will give you a price quote along with an estimate regarding the time frame. If you want to have your computer returned quicker than two to three days, we also provide emergency services.

About Our Agency

We take great pride in providing a customer service experience in the data recovery services industry that is truly unbeatable.  With 30 years of expertise in the data recovery industry, it is easy to see how we have become so effective. We expand our level of knowledge by attending hard drive repair courses based around hard drive recovery. On top of that, we have carefully invested thousands into special tools, which accelerate the process and allow us to ensure the job is done right. Whenever you bring your computer to us, it will be worked on in one of the Class 100 cleanrooms, which do a superb job of minimizing airborne particles.

Even though the loss of data is something that none of us want to hassle with, the reality is that it will happen to almost all of us at some point in time. The good thing is that you do not need to send yourself to the hospital because of stress since our hard drive data recovery team can get the job done. For the highest level of customer care and the quickest hard drive recovery assistance, please give Simple Data Recovery a call at 844-223-7243 as soon as possible.

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