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The eading provider in the data recovery industry

Simple Data Recovery knows that data loss often happens at a time when you least expect it. We all have experienced feeling greatly frustrated from losing our vital computer data. While we may blame ourselves all day, the truth is, it is bound to happen. Now there’s nothing to worry about. With a team of highly skilled data recovery experts who have encountered data loss themselves, we can provide you not only professional services but also sympathy for your tough situation. We can provide you with a long list of our technical proficiency, but what really makes Simple Data Recovery stands out from the crowd is our personalized customer service delivered at a most opportune time.

Our team of professional and trained experts

Our team of professional and trained experts can provide solutions to all your data loss problems. As soon as your hard drive is brought into our clean room, these experts check out the cause of data loss and provide the best solutions to recover your data. Then you will be given a free quote for the services needed to retrieve all your files. What more, our data recovery services can be completed within two days.

Simple Data Recovery implements the following policy:

  • - Free Assessment
  • - 98% success rate for data recovery
  • - “No Data, No Charge” warranty
  • - Fast and respectful customer service
  • - Wide coverage of services for various types of drives such as flash drives, SSD, RAID, and HHD

Whether you’re using your computer for your personal or business activities, we can help recover your loss data. At Simple Data Recovery, we use only the most modern equipment from the leading brand in the industry. Our diagnostic and data recovery system is so efficient that we need less time to recover your data. We work fast while maintaining a high quality work. We also have in our team, experts in hard drive repair so we can render help to you anytime your hard drive crashes. We not only pride ourselves of the latest equipment in the industry, but we also have the cleanest work environment for handling your hard drive. We have a Class 100 clean room laboratory where we inspect and work on your drive. This is our way of protecting your hard drive from any airborne pollutants. In addition to working in a sanitary work environment, our team of experts always wear specialized suits. This takes our cleanliness to a higher level.

We also implement a round-the-clock monitoring system in order to secure your hard drive and its internal components. With our strict plan of organization, you can be assured that your hard drive would not be introduced to the information systems of other customers.

At Simple Data Recovery we don’t have magicians to help retrieve your data. What we have are real people who have been trained and who work hard to satisfy your every need. Call us now and get a free estimate.

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